Aims & Scope

The main aim of CJCME is to provide a forum to promote, encourage, and bring together various disciplines which use mathematical theory, methods, and applications in engineering and  sciences .

CJCME  will publish very high quality research articles on all mathematical  subjects especially computational &  mathematical engineering , such as  Applied analysis ,  Differential and integral equations  ; Mathematical physics ,  Real analysis , Complex analysis  ; Approximation theory (including Asymptotic ,  Variational , and  Perturbative   methods ,  Representations  ,  Numerical analysis ) ;  Fourier  analysis  ;  Potential theory  ,  Linear algebra ,   Applied  probability ,  Integral and stochastic geometry ,  Newtonian Physics ,  Computational mathematics ,  Computational sciences ,   High-performance computing for the simulation  of phenomena and the solution of problems in the sciences and engineering, Engineering  optimization ,  Engineering statistics . 

The interdisciplinary fields, and other areas of abstract and concrete analysis which  are also of interest to engineering mathematics  will be considered , and  are welcome .

CJCME  will publish peer reviewed articles .