A unified approach to the data fitting problem

 ” A unified approach to the data fitting problem” , L.Gevorgyan …  2016  ,  No . 1 , P. 20 – 30   ,   DOI  :  http://dx.doi.org/10.22039/cjcme.2016.02

Abstract :  

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Curve fitting is the process of constructing a curve,or mathematical function, that has the best fit to a series of data points, possibly subject to constraints. Curve fitting can involve either interpolation, where an exact fit to the data is required, or smoothing, in which a “smooth” function is constructed that approximately fits the data.  Fitted curves can be used as an aid for data visualization, to infer values of a function where no data are available, and to summarize the relationships among two or more variables.”

We analyze some interpolation and approximation methods and propose a general method of data fitting procedure. Two computer programs are presented.

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